Moving To Australia? 3 Moves For IT Professional Submissions To The Australian Computer Society For A 189 Permanent Residency Vi

If you're an IT professional looking to move to Australia, chances are you're on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL). Every skilled occupation has a designated assessing authority based on industry. In your case, your application will be submitted to the Australian Computer Society (ACS). This puts you in a position to apply for the points-based Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189). This commentary showcases some moves for IT professional submissions to the ACS for a 189 visa with the assistance of migration agents.

Gather Your Documentation For The Australian Computer Society (ACS)

You must upload certified copies of your birth certificate, passport, education certificates (to the highest level), work experience, employer records and much more to prove your application. The education and work guidelines provided by the ACS should help you assess all the documents you need for your skills assessment application. Every document has to be certified by a local dignitary, notary or Justice of Peace before being uploaded into the system in PDF format. Your migration agents can help you gather and will upload all your documents for you.

Know The ANZSCO Code You Need To Apply For

You must know the most relevant ANZSCO Code you are applying for before submitting your application; otherwise, you risk it getting rejected for being irrelevant to the skilled occupation. For instance, if you are an ICT business analyst, your ANZSCO Code is 261111. If you are an analyst programmer, your ANZSCO Code is 261311. The SOL has all the ANZSCO Code details, so choose the one most relevant to you for a successful outcome of your skills assessment. Always research each code in detail to avoid getting a negative skills assessment response from the ACS.

Fill Out the Migration Agent Authorisation Form

Your migration agents will undertake the whole application to ACS on your behalf to ensure everything goes smoothly. But you must fill out a migration agent authorisation form for the ACS beforehand. This form allows the ACS to discuss any specific details of your skills assessment application with authorised migration agents in case any further information is required. Your results may also be sent to them, so that they can proceed with the rest of your permanent residency application. This form will make it easier for the professionals to handle your application quickly and efficiently. 

As an Australian permanent resident under this visa subclass, IT professionals will enjoy unlimited working rights and medical benefits from the government. Work closely with your migration agents to enjoy a successful outcome from the ACS.